The Horizont International Contemporary Dace Festival 2019 is coming

The National Theatre of Miskolc hosts Horizont International Contemporary Dance Festival for the third time this year. Miskolc Ballet invited well-known local and international artists and companies for the festival – that takes place between the 24-27th of April – whose productions represent the newest and special trends of contemporary dance, so visitors get a good overview of today’s world of contemporary dance. Anyone interested is welcome at Horizont Festival, where today’s outstanding local and international dance ensembles can share their work with the town’s audience and with each other!

In addition to the festival productions, the theater also organises a number of accompanying programs. On the 24th of April the Association of Hungarian Dancers will hold a meeting in Miskolc. We also let the audience have a behind-the-scenes sneak peek: on the open rehearsal of Miskolc Ballet’s newest production, A Midsummer Night's Dream, visitors can take a look at how a dance performance is made, and they can also have a chat with the creators. Following past years’ traditions, photographer Vera Éder is having an exhibition: on her photos, people can get a glimplse of yet another new side of Miskolc Ballet’s members. After each performance of Horizont Contemporary Dance festival will be a public meeting, where the audience is able to meet and chat with the creators.

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