Marc Brew Company

In his creation premiered in 2014 – for the first time since his car accident in 1997 – Brew created a work that engages directly with his body as it is now. Investigating and exposing his changed form.

Exploring themes of what it is to be broken, reborn, purified, to reconcile being in the world in an entirely new way, to build a dialogue with a body transformed. Brew has confronted his most essential aspects, in this distilled form.

For Now, I am...  was listed in the top 10 of British Dance in the Guardian for 2016. 


Duration: 45 mins


Creative Team:

Marc Brew – Director / Choreographer / Performer
Claire McCue – Composer
Andy Hamer – Lighting Design / Design
Jamie Wardrop – Projection Visuals

Producer: Susan Hay 

Production manager: Joe Hornsby 

Support worker: Melanie Wilson 



Andrew Huggan – Cello

Claire McCue - Piano
Timothy Cooper - Post edit/mix




Marc Brew Company


Founded in 2008, Marc Brew Company fuses a fierce physicality with tender expression to explore an emotional narrative in dance.  Grounded in contemporary technique and classical ballet and drawing on the unique physicality of each performer, the work with disabled and non-disabled artists is honest, unsentimental and recognizably human.


Marc’s unique choreographic style pushes the boundaries of physicality through the exploration of new and exciting movement drawn from a vocabulary of devising on his own body and working in collaboration with other ballet and contemporary dancers. Marc uses visual imagery and employs a very particular use of expressive and descriptive language to prompt the movement he wants to see.

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