András Lóránt Társulat

For me this piece is about the fight of inner laws. The fight, which comes from the complexity of human nature, which can be self-sacrificing and vengeful in the same time; it can love someone unconditionally and hate enormously; it can be the source of live and death. Is one’s life path coded in the genes? Is a man defined by his free will, who has the possibility to decide and choose consciously from the alternatives? But is that man really free when the alternatives are not created by him? In my direction I tried to create an open platform, where every member of the audience has to opportunity to react and act, to ask questions. The text of the performance (Euripides: Medea) gives a new point of view on this matter, however with its non-verbal, visual and auditory communications tries to keep the deep meaning of the play.

(Noémi Bezsán)



Noémi Bezsán

Dávid Dabóczi

Orsolya Deák

Renáta Joó

György Kányádi

Carmen Colceriu

Blanka Macaveiu

Ervin Ruszuly

Franciska Szabó


Music: Rebeka Ádám

Director/Choreographer: Noémi Bezsán

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