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Love is probably the affection that instigated most human thoughts over the centuries, whether in great mythologies, religions, philosophical thoughts, or the arts. All areas discussed in depth the question of love.

But, from a cerebral point of view, how does love behave? How does the brain behave in the face of a passion? What happens inside your brain when you are in love? What are the established connections between body and brain when we are in love? Oxytocin. Dopamine. Serotonin. Motivated body. Reward status. Pleasure.

In his new work the choreographer Clébio Oliveira examines the passion from the point of view of the brain. It’s seems like the brain behaves similar to a state of temporary dementia with characteristics of stress, obsession and compulsion.

duration: 60 minutes



Kelemen Dorottya

Tóth Karolina

Joni Österlund

Törteli Nadin

Emődi Attila

Szeles Viktória

Novák Laura

Varga Kristóf


Music: Matresanch



Stage manager: LUDÁNYI ANDREA


Choreographer: Clébio Oliveira

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