Győri Balett – Sebestyén Bálint + Gulyás Anna

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Győri Balett – Bálint Sebestyén: Antigone

According to the choreographer, the performance is based on Sophocles’ play: Antigone. The story shows the bond between siblings, where love either follows you until death or sends you to death because of the contradictions between each other. What can rewrite righteousness between brother and brother, human and human? What is the truth? Who is right? Who is more right? The one that follows their instincts, or the one that acts by their morals? Considering all of this, the performance is set in the present, in a power-hungry dictatorship, where brotherly bond means nothing against a rabid ideology.


Performers: Dancers of Győri Balett

Antigone - Tatiana Shipilova 

Creon (King of Thebes) - Luigi Iannone

Ismene (Antigone’s sister) - Eszter Adria Herkovics  


Polyneices (hadead brother) - Thales Henrique 

Haemon (king’s son) - Daichi Uematsu

Eurydice (king’s wife) - Matuza Adrienn

Guard / Tiresias (blind prophet) – Kada Horváth

Guard - Thierry Jaquemet


Assistent: Artem Pozdeev

Composer: Bálint Sebestyén, Márton Stummer

Det and costume design: Ákos Sebestyén

Light: Péter Hécz

Video: Zoltán Jekli

Expert (mentor): László Velekei, Harangozó-award, director of Győri Balett

Koreográfus: Bálint Sebestyén, Harangozó-award



Anna Gulyás – Black dog (HU)


Judgment-free thinking about the quality and functioning of devastating aggression in everyone, where the center is the omen that can show up anywhere: the „Black dog” which, with its presence in the most unspeakable qualities, proclaims what we can call fate, destiny, or the cumulative outcome of human life decisions.

Sándor Jászberényi’s story book: The devil is a black dog inspired this theatrical dance performance uses extreme stress as the „crystallizing medium” of everything, and tries to find if standards are still present. It also tries to find the meaning of human selfishness and sometimes its illusory reality.



Laura Fehér

Dóra Asztalos

Brigitta Hortobágyi

Luca Stohl

Áron Darabont

Gusztáv Eller

Dániel Krizsán


Composer: Bálint Bolcsó

Light: Áron Kovács

Set design: Márk Lakatos

Mentor: László Velekei

Production assistent: Petrovits Genovéva

Choreographer: Gulyás Anna



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