Tzeni Argyriou

Concept & Direction: TZENI ARGYRIOU

Performing & Alter Ego: STAVROULA SIAMOU

Digital protagonists:

ILIAS KOUVELAS - Professor Emeritus at the School of Medicine

ARISTIDIS BALTAS -  Professor of Philosophy of Science

THANASSIS TZAVARAS - Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst



Original music: GIORGOS POULIOS


Original Lighting Design: THODOROS MIHOPOULOS

Technical Director & Lighting Adaptation: Manolis Vitsaxakis


Production & Touring Management: Delta Pi

Production: Amorphy


“Dr. Maybe Darling” is a multimedia solo performance based on an autobiographical text that raises the question of decision-making process and free will. Video (live feed and pre-recorded material) and speech (live and pre-recorded) are in a constant dialogue with the performer on stage, thereby making digital media necessary elements in unfolding the story. At first, speech, information, and thoughts dominate; then the system overloads and the body takes over the mind.

“How does technology, by increasing alternatives, affect the function of our brain? Are constant dilemmas (and indecisiveness) a contemporary social phenomenon? Do we live in times when thinking is in action but there is no action? ”

“Dr. Darling” is in her ʻBrainTraceLabʼ, getting ready for a lecture on the challenging issue of the decision-making process. As the lecture proceeds, Dr. Darling is confronted with conflicting scientific and other opinions and options. She quits looking for objective answers and decides to examine herself. She names herself “Maybe”. “Dr. Maybe Darling” tries to become a scientist and a guinea pig at the same time.

As the audience enters the BrainTraceLab, they are asked to take part in the decision-making process by replying to a questionnaire.

Dr. Maybe Darling premiered in 2010 at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. The work then toured at the Kavala Regional Theater (November 2010), the Lithografeion Theater in Patras (May 2011), and the Digital Art Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria (September 2011). Dr. Maybe Darling was selected by the Hellenic International Theater Center ITI to be part of the electronic theatre and dance platform Athens System 2011.

Research on this work began in Lisbon in 2006, within the framework of the artists exchange program Pepinieres Europeennes pour Jeunes Artistes ΜAP XXL. Since then, Jenny Argyriou has been collecting visual, audio, and other material on the topic of the decision-making process and free will, and transforming this material into various art forms, including script, performance, and interactive installation. Given its nature, the piece will remain constantly under development, each time involving new elements. Earlier versions in progress were presented as “makeup_yourmind 06.01” at the Lugar Comum in Lisbon (2006); as “makeup_yourmind 07.02” at the Abbaye de Neumüster Centre Culturel de Rencontre in Luxemburg and at the Judson Church / Movement Research in New York (2007); and as ʻDr. Maybe Darling 09.03′ at the Sarantopoulos Mills in Athens (2009).

Press Quotes:
ʻTzeni Argyriou presented an original [work] on a very interesting topic, performed excellentlyʼ. – Matina Kaltaki, Lifo News
ʻIn this intelligent dialogue focused on the brain and human psychology, audience members recognized their own behavior with humor.ʼ – Olga Sella, Kathimerini Newspaper
ʻTzeni Argyriou follows a scientific working process, masterfully changing thoughts into images.ʼ – Maria Louiza Papadopoulou – Konteiner Magazine


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