Közép-Európa Táncszínház

In this performance the surrealistic visions of a special society run before our eyes, where dream and fantasy come to life right in front of us. Fantastic, sometimes grotesque pictures pulsate on stage. The constantly changing characters seek unconscious, spontaneous revelation and are freed from the control of the conscious mind. The energy of the choreography bursts all frames, the dynamics of movement and the vibrating colours create their own universe. In this hypnotic dream vision nothing is real, but everything is true.

The choreographer, Anton Lachky crosses our borders, opens up our senses, and entices us on a journey where we have never been before. Are you ready to travel with us?


Performed by:

Dávid Dabóczi

Bettina Dunai

Csongor Füzesi

Mariann Hargitai

Adrienn Horváth

László Mádi

Csaba Mátyás Nagy

Adrienn Nyeste

Mátyás Ruzsom

Anna Szilvási


Choreographer: Anton Lachky


Rehearsal leader, assistant: Zsuzsa Jónás

Dance troupe leader: Katalin Fodor

Costume: Zsófia Őri

Lights and sound: Zoltán Fogarasi

Selection of music: Anton Lachky

Production manager: Virág Sóthy

Artistic director: János Feledi


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