Győri Balett kiállítása



The fourty years old company Ballet Győr is one of the most significant ballet ensembles of the Hungarian dance scene. Their repertory includes almost the whole spectre of dance, from classical ballett to contemporary dance or experimental projects, they widened the „palette”,from dancetheatre perfomances to productions for children. The ensemble toured a lot around the world in the past decades, it became one of those companies that tour the most. They keep on raising new generations that are worthy of representing Ballet Győr, wherever they go to perform. Their cultural mission is to foster the new generations of audience as well, that love and apprehend dance, in their formerly industrial town.

The exhibition gives us an insight into the unforgettable moments of the past 40 years.

The pictures were taken by the following photographer artists:

László Ambrus, András Bánkuti, Iván Benda, Imre Benkő, János Eifert, András Gergó, Béla Kanyó, Balázs Laibl, Tibor Laposa, Károly Matusz, Alíz Németh, Mihály Németh, Péter Oláh Jakócs, Sándor Orosz, István Pillák, József Schuch, Béla Szabó, István Veiland.


photo credits:

Ballet Győr: Tristan and Isolde

Dancers: Andrea Ladányi and János Kiss

Photo: András Bánkuti


Ballet Győr: Kodály

Dancers: Adrienn Matuza and Zoltán Jekli

Photo: István Pillák


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