Oriantheatre -Mehdi Farajpour

Concept, Direction, Choreography & performance: Mehdi FARAJPOUR
Motion graphics (Based on original concepts and scores of Mehdi Farajpour): Stéphane Bordonaro, Monumentiel Company & Mehdi Farajpour
Sound: Arnaud Rollat
Video Art: Mehdi Farajpour
Photos: Nick Bowers
Produced by ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company - Supported by Centre national de la danse (Pantin).



"KA-F-KA is Mehdi Farajpour’s most autobiographic work in term of aesthetics, movement, rhythm and images. When watching the performance, the first question that comes in mind is: What does an exhausted body have to show? A dancer with dizzying head, muscular contractions, out of breath and balance caused by the fatigue of running backwards for about half an hour is only the very first image you would see in KA-F-KA.

KA-F-KA by Mehdi Farajpour is a free interpretation inspired by Frantz Kafka's famous text: Metamorphosis. Likewise FARAJPOUR’s other performances, KA-F-KA is also built up on an interdisciplinary (and not multidisciplinary) structure that means walking in between different disciplines instead of mixing them just for the sake of it."

KA-F-KA is the story of everyone and noone. A man, lost in the routine of his life, awakes to discover that he is transformed into another being. He suffers from isolation, solitude, hunger and pain, but yet keeps running all through his social-individual obligations.


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