A Grecsó fivérek estje

Performed by Krisztián Grecsó – writer, Zoltán Grecsó – dancer
Contributing: Réka Fodor – vocals, Réka Rácz – dance, Endre Kertész – cello
Set and costume designer: Julianna Ottlik
Lights designer: Márton Gothár
Adapted to stage by Zoltán Grecsó

Horizon Festival presents a unique literary dance production performed by the Grecsó brothers, titled More about ourselves. The piece is a special transition between a literary podium evening and a theatrical production with music and dance. 
The core of the performance consits of new, characteristic Grecsó prose, fresh poems, family stories and anecdotes, transformed into a magical theatrical experience by imporvisatory jazz, „spur of the moment” contemporary ballet and the unmistakable movements of Zoltán Grecsó. The dialogue of literature and dance is unrepeatably different each and every night, but the special rythm of responses, the ethereal game of lights and space and the proportions of art disciplines still provide a stiff framework to the performance. Just as the ironic rivalry of the brothers, dance and literary flicks also help the audience to experience recognition, since those generate such reflections of family stories in which the spectator’s own indentity comes into spotlight. 
More about ourselves is an honest, confessional and charactereistically personal piece, employing the artistry and open-mindedness of the Grecsó brothers.

The performance is a production of Várkert Bazár.

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